From music in Walgreens to HelpSocial.

apiI was in Walgreens the other day and heard a song playing on the speakers overhead. I pulled out my phone and opened up the Shazam app to figure out what the song was. In less than 15 seconds it came back with the title, lyrics, where I could purchase the song and album from and automatically connected me to Spotify where I added the song to a playlist. All of this in less than a minute and with only half of my attention focused on it.

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Engagement is not a metric.

In the business world of social media the word Engagement gets thrown around a lot. Often, it’s used as The Metric that generally defines how successful a team’s social strategy is in a campaign. But it’s a very general term because it refers to pretty much everything that happens after some content is pushed into social channels. Retweet – that’s engagement. Reply, comment – engagement. Like, favorite, click, read – all engagement. The word that should be used in it’s place is Attention. The question shouldn’t be, “How has engagement been on this campaign?” The real, honest question should be, “How much attention are we getting?” Because that’s what is really being asked.

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Introducing, HelpSocial


This is awesome!

Today, my co-founder, Rob Collazo, and I are launching a new company called HelpSocial. Over the last few years at Rackspace, we’ve been working with the rest of the social media team to build an engagement tool that would help us support customers on Twitter. Existing social engagement tools are built for marketing purposes. We built this specifically for support. Social media has become the place where people are going to complain and seek help from the brands they do business with – up until now, there hasn’t been a good way to handle that demand for support. We’re starting HelpSocial to solve this problem for businesses. We’ve been using this tool, along with the iOS app, in full production at Rackspace for a little over 2 years. We can’t wait for others to see what it’s capable of!

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Getting ready for XTERRA


This coming year I’ll be taking a break from training for the full Ironman distance with a focus on short course speed and just having fun with the sport. XTERRA is where I began my triathlon ambitions and I’ve missed the pure fun of tearing up singletrack on a mountain bike. In the spring I’ll be taking on the South Central XTERRA series in Texas on the new bike above and making my way toward the national championship in Utah. Can’t wait for things to kick off! Should be a fun year!